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Steps for my inner child

Before I read any books on how to reclaim our inner child and heal, I underwent a process myself, by personal experience. It has been very dear to me and what now is evolving towards becoming book number three: The Call for Divine Harmony. So, here I introduce my own list of what has helped me, besides therapy, Lomilomi and Ho'oponopono:

* Walking slower (in my own inner child's perfect pace instead of hurrying like my Dad)

* Hugging my plush bunny (giving it energy and receiving it back)

* Talking to my plush bunny (to let it "answer" with what to prioritize)

* Spending time in nature regularly (walking with the eyes of discovery)

* Overcoming my fear of water (daring to put my head under)

* Dancing (playing for stage and having fun)

* Ensuring safety (people, place and needs)

All done with self-love and compassion!

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