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Stopping to scroll

Today it occurred to me, how easy it would be to just continue scrolling. In fact, I first did, and became aware of both the pros and cons. Watching a post about the war in Ukraine, required me to take a moment and acknowledge the devastation. It's easy to become complacent after months have passed, and not take it in. To just continue scrolling. But at the same time, are these images something I want to have in my life? Have I not endured enough trauma myself?

So, I continued to scroll again. Saw fluffy bunnies, beautiful nature, and some words of wisdom in Hawaiian. That is my Instagram feed.

Perhaps it's not only about portraying a good image, like so many of us are, especially the younger generation calling themselves influencers, that likewise becomes hard to live up to for most, but it's about wanting to soothe our aching souls. To find relief and to dream. To create memories and to share our lives with likeminded. Wanting to connect.

Nonetheless, while reality bites, it’s what hits home.

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