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Swedish persecution

My lineage and how it has affected my perspective on life, became adamantly clear, when I was detained as an immigrant in the United States 2011-12. We're refugees on both sides. On my father's side, we're French noble refugees from several generations ago. On my mother's side, we're refugees through the Holocaust from Poland. Refugees, seek refuge, on the basis of either natural disasters and famine, or war and persecution. Imagine my devastation, when I've now understood how I've been persecuted too, but in Sweden.

For some 20 years, I've been treated as if I've cheated, as if nobody can write such a good academic paper and thus, I was failed, as if intelligent and noble people can't become unemployed, as if we can't fall ill and need to be on sick-leave, as if I wouldn't need to pay rent. None of their treatment has been tried in court, only pursued directly by governmental officials, since there are no evidence of their claims. And, the appeals I have done, has for the majority been completely ignored and turned down. Just the same, with anything I've reported to the police about how I've been stalked with both physical threats and thefts, and computer intrusions with evidence. Not to forget the libel and silencing in the media, although I've been featured regularly at least locally, and sometimes nationally, since 1975.

It's just that in Sweden, the word persecution and what it stands for, is considered paranoia. As if my grandmother was paranoid for being afraid when she was picked up and placed in Sweden after the Swedish Royal family had sent buses to Ravensbrück. Maybe they even sent them just to cover up that they've let Hitler pass through Sweden by train earlier? My grandmother for sure, didn't know if she was going to be sent to another camp, or when the Swedish police would try to come and get her and my mother after school. Is the persecution of Holocaust victims paranoia? Is anything that there are written decisions about, paranoia? And are all refugees in Sweden paranoid?

I detest Sweden!

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