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The Call for Divine Harmony

Today, as i was getting dressed, I saw that my zipper in my skirt is placed on the left side and remembered something I learned growing up. Men's clothes have their buttoning from the right side and women on the left. Go into your closet and see, or the next time you pass by a store, check how the jackets and cardigans are buttoned. And in Hawaii, Kumu Hulas tie their Kihei (a sacred cloth) on either the left, or the right shoulder, depending on the same, for shielding or opening our heart.

It's said that our right side of our bodies and brain, is associated with our intellect, the masculine aspect and the sun - yang. And our left side, with the feminine, intuition and the moon - yin. The question though arises: How do we best live in harmony with both, or is humanity doomed to live by division and thus conflict?

I believe this is where our inner child comes into play (pardon the pun!). It's with its original innocence, wonder and joy, we can connect the two and heal by letting it transform us. To an integrated whole, as an act of love within.

This is my current work.

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