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The dreams of the dragonfly

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Today, while I was sitting and enjoying some time in the sunshine, feeling the crisp air of fall, a dragonfly landed in my lap. I've seen them a couple of times this summer, but they are quite rare in Sweden. I saw plenty of them in Cascais, Portugal, too, a couple of years ago. They remind me of the one I saw outside my window at FDC Honolulu 2011-12, while I was detained in the SHU as an immigrant and was reading the book "The dreams of the dragonfly". I can't think of any better synchronicity and manifestation than that!

I would love to share more about it. and feel quite sad about not having many readers, when I've become a spiritual master. But perhaps, my students aren't ready yet, or got caught in their own mirrored reflection, the way I was warned when I lived in Hawaii, as shared in my book "The Call for Divine Mothering". I would love to coach more!

So, the book "The dreams of the dragonfly" shared real-life stories about people facing hardships. and yet pulling through, rooting for their causes with various projects. To ignite the real fire within for survival, for the better of many. Quite an undertaking. And such a good inspiration for me. Have you read it?

Soon, I hope, I will be able to move so I can live my best life, without any more interruptions. And thus, I certainly need to make a more detailed plan. Soon, soon, soon!

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