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The fight over food

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Maslow once made us a hierarchy of needs, where food and water together with shelter, founds the primary tiers before other driving factors emerge in our lives, towards self-actualisation. It seems so petty and cruel, to force others down to this level of survival struggles, when one has surpassed it for decades. Yet, it seems to still be a force of war. Both in Africa and now Ukraine, as well as a competitive factor in the wellness sector. Can you imagine having your health removed, just to humour someone's accusations to lessen competition?

Can we not create an order in the world, where we ensure equal distribution and trade, completely protected from all power-struggles, just so people can get fed? Have not humanity risen to this occasion yet? Everything in our lives, our progress and ambitions, our teachings and lessons, our contribution and freedom, are all under the spell of health and food supply. At the end of the day, it's the bottom tiers that only matters.

To have a home. To eat and drink well. To be able to express and contribute with one's uniqueness, isn't the world big enough and ready for all of us to?

So, blessings to all those who ever have been hungry without access to preferred food. May you always receive what you need, the way you need it. May the distribution and transportation run smoothly from one country to the other, and may all countries find pride in growing their specialty for a fair trade. And blessings to Mother Earth, who provides us with soil and seeds to use. To grow, to share and to enjoy.

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