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The importance of privacy

One of the areas, where I have changed and improved my life to the better after living in the United States, is understanding, and applying, a greater respect for privacy. Both my own and others'. In Sweden, it's very common to be unisex, including at institutions and prisons. We even have a new gender noun that is supposed to be a neutral form to be less discriminating, but to me it's just another removal of borders and boundaries. Another example is that overall it's not any big deal to sunbathe topless at the beach, or by a pool. It was how I grew up. When I reflect on my upbringing, I often felt like I was invaded. So, I simply resorted to spending more time alone. And no wonder, I later attracted an attempted date-rape as a young adult.

Now, when I carry another perspective based on my experiences, I can see this clearly. And choose to change my life accordingly. But, this is not possible in Sweden, where the rules are different. No wonder, we are one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to catching sexual offenders. I don't think the police understand what one is. Can you imagine feeling unsafe for the most of the time? Completely exhausting. It's all about prestige, it seems. No consideration of what is being said and shared, just a focus on who said it.

Privacy to me, is respected boundaries.

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