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The journey for light

One of the great lessons that I have been given through my career as a copywriter, is a thorough understanding of the creative process and how this can be applied also for other things in life - how we learn and develop our thinking. An example from a spiritual point of view, is the seeking of light. It has been a theme for many practitioners, especially in yoga and meditation. We see light in someone's eyes and seek within to find its source, including to show off with as a "glow". So, have I.

But the real journey, is to travel back outwards again, after finding it within. This has enabled me to complete a circle on the spiral, to the next level. I have simply understood that all in all, everything is just a reflection of the sun, the giver of all life. We're made of light and dust. To follow the light, the truth and the way, is to accept reality as it is and to let love lead.

We brought the sun indoors thanks to lamps, but it all became a substitute which made us loose our way. Making us seek it in others and ourselves, instead of succumbing to the greater power of the sun. The natural spotlight.

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