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The meaning of music

Do you remember the old mix-tapes we used to get from our boyfriends, or our own compilation of hits? Today's playlists seem to have the same function. To me, as someone who loves dancing, music is everything of course. It's through the music, I receive a feeling that I use as energy, for my body to express itself.

Lyrics too, have a special meaning to me. Certain songs, tend to resonate with their texts, sharing something that I can personally relate to, directly taking me back into that relationship, place or event. Music is made for memories! Whenever I have been a certain place, met certain people, or had a significant experience, I like to attribute it to the current song, popular and often played in the radio, there at the same time.

This song, called Play by Robyn, was part of an album, introduced to me by my favorite hairdresser Annika in Malmö, who said she thought of me when she heard it and brought it with her, in the early 2000's. I decided to have a listen, and also liked it a lot. And in fact, I've kept it as part of my sources of inspiration, since then, that now will be shared in my next book The Call for Divine Harmony, that I'm currently writing on.

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