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The meeting

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

We all strive for the same thing - to have real, authentic, loving meetings with others where we feel safe and seen for who we are, with full acceptance, enabling us to express ourselves with true centeredness in our hearts. It's to talk with someone and forget for a moment how you look, and not worry about what to say next, but rather be in the flow of your minds meeting. It's even better when we get to have these meetings unplanned, unscripted and even with a stranger. Then there can be an added sense of serendipity, if the conversation touch base with something urgent within you. A sense of fate and timing, that at its best increases faith.

I have had several of these type of meetings. Both in the United States and in Europe. How do I? Meetings with strangers naturally occur, where we are.

Meetings with our friends and colleauges, family and partners, are rather planned, but need even more presence to not get stuck in behavior patterns, or predictable power struggles.

It's always just one thing that is the most important, regardless of who we are meeting with, and why: Presence.

To be present, is to fully hear the other, to leave your predetermined and prepared speech at home. And letting the energy of the moment dictate your tone and your topic. When you can really relate with your own experience, it's easy to also express compassion. And when you can express true interest and belief in another's capability, it's easy to be inspiring.

Have you met anyone that became important to your own understanding and forward motion? That is your journey!

Want to share it? Write it down or send me an email to if you'd like!

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