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The need to express ourselves

When I first started to write journals, already when I was 7, it became about unloading negativity, fears, concerns and unhappy love. As a grown up, when I at times have resumed this type of keeping a dairy, I've found that it just cements these feelings. In fact, I've come to learn, that the better I feel, the less need to express myself in writing I have, besides any professional assignments or for marketing. Those have nothing to do with how I feel or think about my own situation. How is it for you? Why do you write and what?

Am I then even lacking inspiration? Well, a little, due to feeling exhausted and not being able to live where and how I know I feel the best and need. Without rest, the brain can't create new things as easy or be open for Divine inspiration. I have a trick though. Many times, after I've taken a dance-class, I've felt a surge of inspiration to write anything from books to blogposts or poetry. It has made me think about what it is that makes it so. Is it the simple act of moving? Or is it, in fact dancing? I believe, it's when we live our passion, which to me is to dance. What is your passion?

We have two reasons to express ourselves - one is to share our own unique understanding and experience with the world, by defining and describing our longing, hopes and dreams. Another reason is to respond and react to what others are saying, either to create a sense of belonging with them, or to set a boundary against what we deem to be wrong. When are you expressing yourself, how and why?

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