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The noblest of them all

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved wearing dresses and real gowns. When I was in the United States as a young exchange student, I wore one for the Jr Miss Pageant and the Prom, and another for a New Years' ball later in Sweden. I love the running down the stairs with it flowing behind me and how I feel both freer (actually!) and more elegant of course. Just like a princess! I also loved watching what Queen Elizabeth was wearing and how she always managed to match her hat with her outfit. I too, have worn hats sometimes, when I was younger and into more experimental fashion. And I was given the name Elizabeth as my second, when I was born, after Her Majesty in the UK. Of course, I hope to look like her when I grow old and be a good leader for my business!

My grandfather, who was of noble descent, raised me accordingly. His first wife, ie my grandmother, was once invited to the Swedish Royal Family for tea and wore a special black velvet dress for the occasion, that I was shown, but way too big for me to wear. It's also through my upbringing I've been fostered to be polite and friendly, as well as eat with the right fork and do courtesies. The more noble, the deeper the neigh. Now that I've come to think of it, it resembles the bow of the courteous Japanese, the deeper, the more shown respect of dignity. This is, importantly, not only to bow in front of a title but to cultivate such qualities within. To be dignified and to show the same respect back, for the common people to learn about their own value. All in all, a reverence for life. And perhaps this is also part of the Aloha-spirit in Hawaii, where many indeed miss their late monarchs.

On another note, what will now happen with the monarchies? Will there be any changes or is that not until the next generation takes over? I do believe in its value, but perhaps the UK should lay off their territories of India, Canada and Australia; all big countries that should be able to stand on their own feet and be independent. And also, less binding financially to relieve the burden of the British people perhaps, since it's what I was told by a British man I dated in Portugal a couple of years ago; that many are upset with the humongous cost to run the Firm. Was it even because of these associations with the other countries, that the UK left the EU? Not to mention, it raises questions of immigration. Can a Canadian become deported from the UK and vice versa? This all remains to be seen.

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