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The only weapon should be love

I've been walking around in a state of shock for most of the day today, after learning about the devastating school shooting in Texas, killing 19 children. So senseless! Brutal. To achieve what?

My mother Rose-Marie was a High School teacher in Sweden, when I grew up. I've been told it's a very common profession among second generation Holocaust survivors (My grandmother was Polish and came to Sweden as a rescued refugee.). Once, my Mum was threatened by a 9th grade senior with a knife. He had always been a troublemaker, sitting in the back of the classroom, noisy and usually ignoring his homework. This time, he started playing with the knife, standing up and approaching my mother. She used her acting skills and made a kick, as if she knew karate, which she said she could (but not). He dropped the knife, whereupon she approached him, gave him a kiss on his cheek and a hug, wondering if it had been a long time since he got that. Naturally, he became a little embarrassed, but the rest of the students cheered with applause. There were never any incidents after that. And many were the guys, who years later came up to me and asked me to say hi to my Mum from them.

We therefore concluded, that it really is a matter of lack of love. When we feel loved, we don't harm others. What if this could become an absolute truth, we all started to live by? Second, if there are no guns, nobody can get shot. This is also a truth. But, why do we need them, if it isn't to protect who and what we love?

My father Carl-Johan, who has his own gun with a license in Sweden, used to send me news-clippings of school shootings in the United States, trying to scare me from going there to be an exchange student when I turned 18. I went anyway, of course. And have never regretted it. I rather wish I was an American and it still is my hope to become one.

This violence seems to take place synchronistic to me, for many years, that I don't know how to deal with in Sweden. I have of course contacted the FBI about it, with a theory that I have. A butterfly effect. But, it's up to them, and any other experts to discuss it with me. Sadly, the Swedish police and Swedish Security police refuses to, and have ignored and rejected my information and reports, including offenses that I've been subjected to myself in person. What if this can be prevented and solved? What if I'm at the cusp of something great but because of my offenders, I'm not being listened to, neither by authorities, nor the media?

How can you live with that?

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