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The path to Jesus

When I lived in Honolulu in 2010, I asked myself who Jesus was, knowing that I would have to get to know him better, to become a real Christian. I was baptized in Sweden in 2007. Little did I know, what a ride it would be... wandering the streets homeless, and even healing someone.

Since it's Easter now, I thought of his crucifixion today and how horrible it is. But, I don't just think of it as an event in history with my intellect. While we do use our intellect to understand most things, I believe that real understanding can only happen by relating to the situation with our own experience, if not self-lived, so at least in close proximity within our close relationships. Can you relate to Jesus crucifixion? I think of the many times people have trashed someone's name, spread gossip and disbelief, and how hurtful it feels being on the receiving end. It must have broken his heart, to not gain respect, when all he wanted was to heal and share his faith. Are we as humans, not still doing this to others to some extent? Thus the lesson is, to never stop loving. Then we win in another way.

The resurrection of Christ, is easy to believe in for me, who believe and feel a connection to the spiritual plane, where our passed on loved ones go, and how angels do exist to help us. If you can believe that a soul moves on and/or a spirit can continue its presence on a different level of consciousness; of course so it must also have been for Jesus.

We must all learn and grow in compassion, and not forget his true essence and mission.

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