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The purpose of having a purpose

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

After hearing both Chris Cuomo here and Rachel Brathen here in their podcasts saying they lack a purpose with some negative resistance in their voices, I thought I'd help them by sharing some more about how to create one and why.

Man wants to feel a meaning with his/her life. To feel a sense of belonging and thrive by performing tasks that are helpful to others. This is called having a sense of coherence and is a concept for health, developed by Aron Antonovsky. Creating a purpose statement is similar to defining a scope for a professional paper and thus can be what guides us through our endeavours so that we might better lead our lives and not just react to others. One can therefor say that the purpose is what makes you feel purposeful.

As a life coach, or career coach, this can be developed through our sessions, when you have become clear about your wants, needs, boundaries and dreams, with my questions to assist you.

Read more here about my purpose.

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