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The right to bear arms

I've grown up with weapons, but not the usual way. My grandfather collected mostly swords and sables, but also some antique pistols. My Dad, however, had to buy a gun, with license, to protect himself, after we had been in Afghanistan. My brother too, has one. In fact, I think about almost a dozen of my friends and acquaintances bear arms. All non-violent, non-criminals and with licenses. And the question is why? Some to hunt with, but not only. Why do we need to?

My fundamental belief is that if there aren't any weapons available, we can't harm anyone with them. Thus, I'm against the private use of guns, but I certainly can appreciate and understand that they are needed. Again, as I have formerly also shared, the Swedish police isn't doing anything like they should, and can. A policeman is both trained and authorised to arrest the man who has been stalking me since 2009, including in person. Not to mention what has being taken from me. Do I need to get one and do it myself?

This question of weapons, is now even more important to discuss, given the emerging situation in Ukraine, where they beg other countries for help, including Sweden. This, I understand it as much, will certainly provoke Russia to attack Sweden. What happened to being a peace mediator? To hold a dialogue with a third neutral party. Why is nobody listening to me or others of my generation, who has education and expertise? We're heading towards more war.

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