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The role we must play

On our quest to live authentically, we learn to shred the layers of our conditioning and reconnect with our true essence of being. We step out bravely to embrace the world with all our love, and yet there are circumstances where we become met with utter resistance or even harm. Especially when we don't fit into the mental image others have painted about us; others' prejudice and false conclusions.

Normally, throughout our upbringing, we take on a role of a sorts, to fit into the family pattern we live in. The question is, when we have broke free from this, is there yet another role we must play? The rest of society seems to beckon us to, since the people we meet are most likely still stuck in their own. You can discern the difference anytime you feel that you are reacting, or responding, in a way that make you feel like you are observing it. You stand a little outside of yourself. Then you aren't centred and thus not in your full power of authenticity. You must ask if your response really is in alignment with your values.

Once this has been remedied, it's time to let our own self shine through. We might have to take on a role anyhow, but this time do it consciously, by bringing forth a specific side of ourselves in our interactions and performances.

Stepping into ourselves.

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