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The spirit in our voice

Yesterday when I was in a meeting, trying to explain the similarities that I have seen of my blogposts, photos and book content with others, I soon was given the gift of spirit. What I mean by that, is that sometimes when I speak, what I'm saying seems to unfold naturally without preparing it in my thoughts first. This particular time, it became a speech about influencing, and how we all are affected by what we see, read, watch and hear in the media. Many people seem to not want to admit to this, but given my education (and my own experience), I know this to be a fact. Often, we tend to forget where or when we saw something, yet a specific item on sale seems to be familiar so we buy it. What really happened was a combination of advertising and perhaps a sales campaign. It's not a psychosis by me, to believe in this. I also believe we can become influenced by others' energies.

The point is the spirit! It was my own knowledge that I was speaking, and it wasn't my plan to. It became an evolving. I love when that happens, since this in turn brings forth more of me! It's been a long time since I felt like this. And finally, some admitting to similarities, regardless of whether they were intentional or not. Consciously performed to make money and fame on, or trends and happenstances. To me, when something is re-occurring regularly for years, it becomes a pattern that we can distinguish and in this lies the power to change it. It's all about being present! To be awake.

Have you ever listened to yourself in the midst of a conversation? Do you like what you hear?

Read more about influencing here.

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