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The wise owl

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

It was during fall 2005, when I had come back to Sweden after my first longer stay in Honolulu, HI, that I went to a seminar for unemployed. There we did personality tests to see whether we were introverted or extroverted. I have always seen myself as extroverted, since I have an outgoing personality and a lot of courage, including taking to stage and holding speeches. However, at this particular meeting, I suddenly experienced something totally different emotionally.

I connected to my inner child. She remembered the peace and beauty in picking flowers, and the absolute harmony of doing so without any harsh words and arguments that my parents so often had, before they got their divorce. A divorce that I was blamed for, at the same time I was drawn into their conflicts as the mediator.

The little wise owl.

So, what if I'm really an introverted person? Who just likes to pick flowers (and perhaps make a lei; a garland)? And that I had been pushed into all the extroverted activities by social conditioning? This is how Hula saved me. Dancing Hawaiian Hula enabled me to both show reverence to nature and perform at the same time. And thus, my journey to heal really begun.

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