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Thinking of you

Have you ever suddenly thought of someone you haven't talked to in ages, and then he or she calls you? Have you ever gone into a room and felt appalled without knowing why, and later finding out there had just been an argument between two people? I have.

I believe that our thoughts and emotions are energies that we send out to the world, to the people we first and foremost have around us literally, but also sending them through the waves of cosmos towards others. We speak fondly of how prayer and healing can be done from a distance, but can not hatred also be projected and transferred? Don't you think both love and hate, can be perceived at a distance? Have we not already confirmed this in our society, with explanations of law of attraction and synchronicity? Are we not allowed to likewise believe in Divine connections through spirit? Matching on the same wavelength. Would we even have words like "telepathy" if it wasn't a phenomena that exists?

A thought is like a call.

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