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Tick, tock, tick, tock

Lately, I've become delayed due to other people, before me in line, on several occasions, in several places. It made me think of my own tardiness, that I've struggled to correct for many years. Unfortunately, I've arrived late to most meetings and appointments, although never on purpose. While I was a student at the university, one of my fellow classmates brought this up with me, and thought I was being disrespectful towards her, when I came late. I had never thought of that, because my intention has never been to disrespect anyone, but to simply make it. Often, it has been due to a weary hesitation and stomach pangs, and often due to lack of money. But not only.

The last five years or so, I've been able to change this around, which has enabled me to feel a huge difference in how I thus become less stressed, and therefor can be more present, attentive and perform better. How is it then, that I now become delayed anyway? But because of others?

Well, it could be karma. I've noticed before that mine seems to show up after two years; that I run in two year cycles (besides any others). Or, what if, my delays always have been due to others and my own intuition sensing the likely outcome? It's of course an interplay, but nonetheless, I have to wonder, when I hesitate, isn't this a reason not to go? I sense intentional energies. And what if, others' delaying me, proves to become a protection. We never know.

Thoughts of the day. The concept of time, is simply a great stressor.

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