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To cut or not to cut, is the question

Many women seems to have a fear of cutting their hair, or wobble in their decision, if they should or not, or how much. This type of decision making, can be a perfect example of when lifecoaching can help. By answering these questions, you can assess your true feelings about it, especially if you discuss it with a lifecoach, who can help you probe further.

Whether to cut, or not to cut, your hair, ask yourself these questions:

Why do you have long hair?

Are you saving it for a special occasion?

How long is your hair now? How long is long enough?

How fast does it grow?

What does it symbolise, or mean, to you?

What would you lose, would you cut your hair?

What would you gain?

Which kind of style do you wear in terms of clothes and fashion?

What is most practical to you?

How is the quality of your hair? Wavy, straight, thin, thick?

What does your friends and family think? Is that the same as you?

What is your goal with it? Try to beat the Guiness Records of longest hair?

When do/did you feel the most pretty? How did it look then?

What do you think you'll feel after cutting it? 

How much would you get it cut?

Would colouring it, make a difference?

Would you want to keep the cut hair? You could for example make a pillow and put it in, or sell it to someone in need of a wig, if considered good enough by a hairdresser. Have you thought about that?

Remember, if your hair gets split ends, you might have to cut off more. The best for your hair is to trim your ends at least twice a year, but preferably every three months. If you have a short haircut and want to keep it stylish, you might need to go and see a hairdresser as often as every six weeks.

When you feel pretty looking in the mirror, or in a photo, you can use your energy to spread compliments to others instead of constantly seeking validation yourself. So, what does your mirror say?

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