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To vaxx, or not to vaxx

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

I've seen news about how people go out on the street, demonstrating against the vaccine mandate. It's like a bunch of kids, who doesn't want to get the needle? Some believes it's a governmental set up, while others seem keen on simply not believing Corona exists. While we do should have full right to our own bodies, it seems unreasonable to not protect it. Why would you want to risk getting sick, if you can prevent it?

I got vaccines growing up as part of regular healthcare, so to me, getting the Covid-vaccine was a no-brainer. I simply don't want to fall ill. Isn't the biggest act of self-love to honor your health? And while we should consider the health also of others, we still need to start with ourselves. Why would you then want to take this risk?

We can not yet know, how effective the vaccine is, or exactly how to deal with the pandemic the best, since we are still in the middle of it. This is my only objection. I think we must all get through the pandemic first, before we rush to opinion about any of it, regardless of how it emerged.

How do you reason? Is it a matter of what it costs to get vaccinated? (I got mine for free.) Get the shots!

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