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Tousled up?

Last Saturday, I got a haircut to look nice for fall, and for my birthday. I have turned 50 years old! The haircut was supposed to be like I have had it before, three years ago, I hoped, but instead, my new hairdresser wanted to do something trendy and did "choppy layers". To the point is, I have always been trendy, and looked good, so it wasn't that surprising that he found my hair good to create with.

But, when I came back to the hostel and it dried naturally, which also was a little disappointing, it looked terrible. Un-even, cut here and there, and directly, I understood I had to go and get a new haircut. Horror!

On Tuesday after, he corrected the neck for me to get the line I wanted, and it felt ok, yet still not blow-dried. Out with my own scissors, and then I cut it myself on several places! Chunks. Not visible now, are they? The choppy layers obviously have to remain until it grows out again. But at least now, I can be ok with it.

It got me thinking of how I have almost totally abandoned trends, since I don't need them anymore, and rather just keep my own style, my best fit instead. Which can be so frustrating when I can't find replacements equally fitting, or better. Or even breaking instead because of poor quality. Now, you might think it has to do with my body changing for menopause, but guess what. I'm still a size 36/S/4/28'32, weighing the same.

The hidden blessing in this, however, was to trust in my own ability to cut some of my hair myself, which you all can read the background to, in my book "The Call for Divine Mothering".

Thanks Mom!

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