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Tuning into your heart

Have you ever heard or read the phrase "Tune into your heart" and wondered what it really means, what it wants you to do? Or wants you to feel?

First of all, there are no right or wrong feelings that you are supposed to have, or feel, at any given time. We all react differently, and while all of our emotions are human and through them, we indeed are connected as a species, not everybody define and experience them the same way. It's for example known that grief can outwardly be both a display of great sadness, as well as bouts of anger, or even a silent freezing of our disposition. Neither is better or worse, more right or wrong, or more sacred and healing than the other. It's rather about if something feels uplifting, encouraging and inspirational, in opposition to draining, dread or fearful. Our actual emotions, such as grief, joy, love, anger, happiness... are all fleeting and shouldn't be the foundation for any decision.

Tuning into your heart, simply means to ask yourself what you are feeling. It can be a regular way of recognizing and naming your current state of heart, but what it really refers to as an assessment in life-coaching, is to check in with yourself in regard to making a decision, communicate in a relationship, or how to handle a situation. It's one of the pieces of the puzzle. We gather knowledge intellectually, such as facts and figures, definitions and procedures and so forth. And then we listen to our hearts to discern what we feel about it. Together with a physical readiness, and a spiritual prayer if you're so inclined, we can move forward.

Coaching is always about how to move forward, and towards what.

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