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Turning the table

Yesterday, I received a cool karmic lesson! For the majority of my adult life, I have been the one to ask others for money, whether simply beg or to lend me. I used to never have any left in my account at all, prior to the next salary (like I've also shared here), but now, I have been given the opportunity to instead become the one helping! This in its own, is a complete new experience, that I truly treasure. However, yesterday, the same person asked me a third time, which directly made me realise how others also must have felt, whenever I have asked them repeatedly. A bit hesitant, growing concern and more doubtful. But, I also very well know how it is to really need. The point is, which is what I always like to live by: Take nothing for granted. And live by compassion.

Have you been able to change your own behavior in some area? Share if you'd like!

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