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Under the weather

Why would we call it "feeling under the weather", if it didn't have anything to do with in fact, the weather? I've always felt in tune with nature and the greater scheme of things, the world. Often, when I have felt ill, I've searched not only reasons within my own doing, such as what I've been eating or drinking, but also whom I've met, and what I have experienced recently. Am I reacting to something? I've also wondered if I'm sensing an alluring danger at a distance. Just like clouds can be signs of approaching rain or snow, can't there be a sensation of something approaching? Doesn't animals sense their predators?

The intangible is always hard to prove in cause and effect. But, by excluding factors that can be compared, we can seek outside of ourselves too. If I eat the same, sleep the same, drink the same and stay at the same place with the same people, and yet feel different at different days, it can only be due to my cycle, others or the earth's. It can also be the doing of another person. A threat. A threat to my survival.

To me, the answers can most often be found in patterns. Especially those who claim that we are spiritually one, how can they not believe this? Because they assume that oneness is only bliss? Or because they don't want to be revealed?

Photo of an oak, commonly known as the tree of wisdom in Sweden.

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