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Understanding online communication

Ever wondered why there seems to be so much polarities in our current debates online? People seem more engaged then ever, ready with their comments, whether cute emojis, hate or long shares. So, why are we then not understanding one another better and found more harmony in society?

To understand online communication, one must understand what is left out. Every single time someone is saying something, whether in a video, spoken or written, it's only that person expressing him/herself. It's not a dialogue at all. For it to be a dialogue, it must be a conversation in real-time, like a chat, and even so, it still lacks some of the most fundamental aspects of human communication, if not in person:

* Tone of voice

* Intonation and language melody

* Cultural interpretation

* Body language

* Reaction and response

* Emotional charges

All these things are what we naturally perceive in our conversations in person. Add thereto the essential need to feel seen, heard and validated. It's very rare to feel that, when there is only written words, that also are read or received at a different time than when the expressing was done. Thus, how your comment is understood is also at risk, since the person speaking in a video, or writing an article, also is in another emotional state usually, when they read or listen to your comment. So, more live is needed, like Zoom, but also with that, we must remember that most of us don't feel comfortable on camera, less seeing oneself talking, which also has an effect on how we express ourselves and how what we have expressed will be perceived, as well as our own emotions both in regards to the actual purpose, or cause if you'd like, and in regards to our performance on camera. We must always be observant and clear about what the message is.

Dialogues are the most important tool humanity has for building bridges between people; creating beauty between people. And this, is why I know how important and crucial life coaching is to the survival and thrive of humanity. Open, honest and respectful dialogues in safe settings.


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