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Understanding the why

I'm contemplating if I should start a podcast too, and trying to work out a good theme that can embrace both my knowledge and intuition about society and organizational change, as well as personal coaching paired with my experiences to foster a greater sense of compassion in harmony with our planet. So, it's going to be called The Source and be focusing on motivation and culture. Motivation to improve and change, as well as understanding the motivation others have behind their actions. So many, sit with the question: "why me" or "why did this happen", but this can always be explained with faith, and an understanding of human behaviours. We need to learn to see the source of our actions and how others will be impacted by them, as well as our inactions. I hope to be able to bring forth a discussion where this can be our focus.

On another note, knowing the source can also be interpreted as referencing it properly. Some things come with our education, some with common themes and topics in society that has become widely spread for many years, and most of all, a lot stems from the Bible. Whether a Hollywood drama or a news broadcast about refugees, it can be referenced also to the Bible.

My main point is, that people feel broken, even if they refuse to communicate this openly, and therefore they either hurt strangers or they hurt others within relationships through the role-playing that becomes the result of our upbringing and conditioning with societal norms. Having lived in various countries and met many people from several, it has brought me a wider perspective that I can compare with, with a focus on similarities and differences between the United States and Sweden. Learning how each nationality thinks and acts according to set values can bridge the two - something I started already in 1988-89 as an exchange student.

I will keep you updated and let you know when I can start!

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