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What if it's Sweden's fault?

What if the war in Ukraine and WWII was partly Sweden's fault? Let's start with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. President Putin has claimed since the beginning, that it's to root out Nazis in Ukraine. According to the Swedish news in 2014, our former Minister of Foreign Affairs, sent a group of neo-nazis to fight, incorporated into the Azov brigade, a group with a Z marked over with a line. Compare that with the Russian tanks, wearing Z on them. Here is more, to read about this.

In 1938, Sweden suggested to Nazi-Germany to mark Jewish people's passports with a J, to easier select, or deselect, Jewish people seeking refuge from persecution. While it was a German initiative, through the Nurnberg Law to outlaw Jewish people, the matter of the fact is, it still is founded through a belief of Aryan people being supreme. In Sweden, there was employees at the Foreign Ministry, who gave out certificates of Aryan heritage to all those eligible, and not to forget, Sweden founded the Institute for Race biology in 1922, according to this source. So, perhaps Hitler wanted to create Germany into the likeness of Sweden, how it was then?

All my life, I've known that my grandmother survived her time in the prison-camps, because she had blonde hair and looked like an Aryan. So did my mother. But all my life, I've also felt suspiciously treated, overlooked and partly silenced, especially the last decade, based on the only foundation of not being Aryan it seems, since I'm not given any other explanation. A feeling of being seen as lesser then, because of not being Aryan. An inherent culture of wanting other races to suck up to, and obey the Aryan, often employed in authority positions.

To make it even more interesting, my family heritage on my father's French side, was apparently part of founding the Asylum and Persecution relief visas in the United States, already in 1739.

I guess, fleeing is in my blood.

Another good source in Swedish can be found here. And writing this blogpost, took half an hour extra, because my internet was again suddenly interrupted, as well having to refresh page, losing some of my writing.

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