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What is beauty?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

In a discourse about racism, that the Isadora Duncan dancing scholars and teachers has initiated, one aspect to take aim from is her strive for idealism. In this lies the pursuit of beauty. What is then beauty?

To me, beauty is extremely important and a need. But not what most tend to assume or define it as, like only which products to use for make-up, or wearing a certain brand, but rather for what it satisfies in me. For evoking my senses and bring forth my passion. I need beauty around me to feel at harmony, to feel at peace, to feel inspired, to feel vibrant and free to move:

Beauty in nature, trees, flowers, green grass, mighty mountains, sandy beaches, and the ocean, with their scents, sights and sounds. And the beauty of animals, completing the creation.

Beauty in exterior design, with houses that have exquisite finish, and windows placed with care for the light.

Beauty in interior design, with furniture made of wood, high ceilings and lamps that makes it all welcoming. Little details.

Beauty in clothing, with natural fabrics soft, or sturdy, to the touch, with colors in hues and tones that matches.

Beauty in form, with geometry, symmetry, bowls, vases, frames, shapes, light and shadow.

Beauty in people, with curves, facial features, personalities that enhances the difference between man and woman, radiating health, authenticity, honesty and presence.

Am I beautiful?

I am at home in my body that I like the looks of, and that I want to share with those appreciating and respectful of it. I can look myself in the mirror and recognize both sweetness and light in my eyes. But, it's all about how my health is, and building it. Health is beauty.

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