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What is enough?

A phenomena I have noticed with myself, is that I tend to eat much more chocolate the day after I have had none. It seems to me, like I feel an urge to compensate when I don't. Maybe there is an ingredient that i need, or maybe it's a feeling of reward. Or simply survival. The point, however, is of course that I also can eat too much, feeling it being too much. What is then enough?

For me, feeling hungry seems often to disguise tiredness, or a low blood sugar due to medicine and my fast metabolism. Or, do I become tired, if I haven't eaten enough, or the right things?

I think overall, that by allowing ourselves more, we need less. It's like the having in itself, produces a sense of both safety and satisfaction (which you can read more about here).

Which of your needs screams the loudest and how can you create a better balance?

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