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What is the truth?

In 2014, a Swedish police officer told me that truth doesn't matter. It completely appalled me. Why is telling the truth not important? And in the court of law?!

Here, in Sweden, I've been to a court trial, where nobody said any oaths. Nor was I allowed to have an actual defence, I was only to answer questions about my income and address. Here, it's believed that if someone has evidence, it's enough to convict. Even if the evidence can be explained, or interpreted, differently.

Truth is everything to me. So, how do we define it?

An example that is a personal experience, is a truth. A fact that two people can look at, and both understand the same way. Some things are even obvious. A tree, is a tree. If you can't even acknowledge the general things as an example of a truth, how could you ever rule in cases of plagiarisms? And how can you investigate anything without checking the facts like time and whereabouts?

I have therefore submitted my case to the EU court in Strasbourg, a couple of months ago. Keep your fingers crossed!

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