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When Universe answers...

Today, when I was on my way downtown Stockholm, I complimented a woman's ankle tattoo, depicting a palm tree. She spoke with a Finnish accent and looked very put together and professional, so it was a little surprising that she had one. Nonetheless, she seemed happy to receive my liking. I always compliment others when I see something I like, or offer my help to find whatever visitors might be looking for. It's my way of being of service, and enabling a happier society, where we see and validate each other regularly, the way I've learned it in the United States.

I also heard these two women sitting and talking next to me, on the commuter train. They were talking about relationships and how superficial it can be here in Sweden, where most seem to become acquainted at work, but seldom create real friendships. Then, she said:

"Being someone who takes initiative, will always bother others, because this shows them why they are not making any progress themselves."

How I have wondered! My entire life, I've always been someone, who takes initiative and make things happen. Yet, I seem so often oppressed, restricted, sabotaged or slandered. I haven't understood why, because often what I'm setting out to do, or where to live, is usually not where these people are heading themselves anyway, so why destroying things for me? But perhaps they are indeed stuck, and don't know how to, or dare, claim ownership of their own destiny. To lead their own lives, which even is what I work with, as a professional lifecoach! People not daring, disapprove of people who do dare?

Thank goodness for new perspectives!

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