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Who do we worship?

I guess most of you now have noticed, that I'm not that fond of celebrities, more than for general entertainment. What I mean by that, is perhaps not aiming at the person itself, but the culture in which we all live, especially on social media. In Swedish news for example, several articles are just an accounting of what someone has said on their Instagram profile, or direct translations from other news outlets. And because of their popularity, they receive more PR and more popularity, which in today's economy equals income. All to pretend to be copywriters, by their influencing collaborations. The worst, I think, is how these popular people with many followers, are considered experts. They for the most part, is far from; lacking both education and work experience, but have blonde hair and show off in tight leggings. That it becomes fashion, is one thing, to found our society on it, is ridiculous.

I am so glad that I have my education and work experience, before I went out to begin venturing on my own. I'm glad I have my faith and my own passion. I'm also really grateful to having been featured in the news, before the IG craze. So, I know what the media should want and I can give it to them. Both to sell my books, but also to give something that can be useful. But, I don't want to be worshiped, or have people, who wants me to give them advice and then blame me if it goes wrong. This is why I became a lifecoach, to instead enable people to find their own answers, together with my open questions and follow up.

Wisdom is what we should follow.

Photo of an oak tree.

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