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Who was I?

Who was I when I was a little girl? How can I heal my inner child the best way? And what is healing? Healing to me, is to be able to do what I once could, before I was hurt or conditioned too much. Hopefully even better.

As a baby, I used to scream on the exact hour to be fed, my Mum has told me. They could tell time with me! I was very quiet otherwise, and had no problem to play by myself. I had a bestie at the same pre-school as I, who was mulatto, and once I hit myself on the ground so much, that the enamel of my grown-up tooth split, before it came out. I loved to dress myself in colorful combinations, and was quite brave to order my own meals, when we were at restaurants, or ask for our keys at the frontdesk at hotels, in the language of the country we were visiting, saying after my Dad.

At the age of 4, I learned how to speak German fluently, after spending about six months in Heidelberg, Germany, where my Dad did research for his dissertation in Ethnography and my mother studied German. When my younger brother arrived after much trauma, I loved taking care of him, before I got my first pet bunny to care for. At the age of 5, I pounded in the newspaper my Dad was reading, demanding him to teach me to read it too, so he did. I was never shy and talked to most people with gusto. At the age of 6, I was on the top of the world, when I accompanied my mother to Paris for a vacation. I was happy...

It's this little girl, that I now house within myself, with a renewed connection.

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