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Whose plan is it?

Is there any critique against Lifecoaching, and if so what and why?

I have found a dilemma some years ago.

First of all, I still believe in empowerment and lifecoaching as a tool for that. I believe in the goodness of being able to take responsibility for how our lives turn out, primarily thanks to our own efforts, although often also through the law of attraction, or "luck".

But, what about God's plan? Does He have the same for me as I have? While I was detained in the US, this came to mind and the need to solve this. My answer is, it's always about our free will: Why people suffer, why some help becomes cancelled, or why we succeed; all is a result of what we do, or not do, to others. We choose to!

God can call on us, intervene or punish. But most of all, He answers our prayers, so our lives become what we pray for, in the midst of what others are creating, or involving us in. I prayed for a job I can do online in my own time (but with a deadline) and got that, even though I'm being held thanks to the libel of ignorant or malicious people, in a place obstructing my freedom; a psychiatric ward. I am now getting the diagnosis corrected.

All in all, Lifecoaching is both a method to hold conversations, and an approach; how we look at other people's abilities. At its core, it's about creating your own plan, for your goals, and not fall prey to what others think you should be doing. To use your free will, for something that serves both yourself, and others. Why would God go against that?

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