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Why do so many hate Donald Trump?

Updated: May 29, 2021

Never before, have I ever heard and seen so many Americans express hate against their president, as during this past election. He's frequently called a liar, but I have never seen any fake smiles or found any proof of that. What makes it worse, is of course the completely blind following by the media of the rest of the world, who seems to just translate each Democrat piece of news without any afterthought, less fact check or follow up. At least in Sweden. So, why do I like President Trump? And why are so many loudly against him?

My impression of Donald Trump is of course also only through the news media, and from the TV-show "The Apprentice". I didn't watch all the episodes but the ones I did, were all inspiring to me, both to continue with my own business ideas and plans, and as examples of how similar can be developed at Telluselle Living Center's group coaching think-thanks for green-health creativity projects. I simply see him as a typical American business man with a good heart. Not so much an academic scholar (Thank God!) but smart enough, and probably a really, really, good leader who lifts up and expresses believing in other people's capabilities. It's not the boss who is going to do all the work in the factory, he (she) is making sure all work together, and try to solve things to. Isn't this what Donald Trump was trying to do, before all the verbal attacks and his own replies?

What's going on in America then? Well, I think Americans have never been so empowered and enabled to show up and express themselves, as these last couple of years. Rather than just looking to the elite politician, I'm sure many Americans feel more equals with President Trump, or maybe even better? Scary, huh? Indeed... since that means YOU have to take responsibility and contribute with your best, and you too can become the president!

Would I ever want to hire someone who isn't better than me? Of course not! How could I then learn and offer the best teachers, coaches and instructors to my customers? I think President Trump seems a little like that. And that IS, the change America called for.

Don't boil him like the organizational change frog, the one you refuse to give credit for his/her initiatives, and standing up for his/her own truth, yet the one most will follow and do the same yourselves, about six months to a year from now.

Besides, he owns a hotel in Hawaii and is married to a beautiful immigrant - he can't be that bad.

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