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Why I don't have anxiety

Many people have confused my nausea and upset stomach for anxiety or even social phobia. This is not at all true. I love being in the center of attention and to perform, whether acting, singing, dancing or speaking on stage. I also happen to enjoy being a leader. And here is the thing, the first time I do something, such as participate in an event, try a new practice or even go to see a new hairdresser, everything goes well. I have fun, the result is good, and no sign of nausea.

However, a couple of weeks later, when I continue, it starts, which I have concluded is when someone has found out, and wants to stop me. So many times, I have been able to confirm, that in fact, at the same time, there was for example a denied appeal or a persecutory decision that is a direct threat. It can also be because of being physically stalked, since many years and the slander. How the Swedish police and courts can be so cruel to let this continue, is far beyond my comprehension. I just refuse to think they all lack heart, so it must be either a higher up asking them not to, their own learnt helplessness, or a cursing of a sorts that someone is continuously doing. This too, of course, because I can become awakened for no apparent reason and later nauseous, also when I'm just at home.

So, why some people may very well have anxiety, not everybody does. What would happen if authorities instead would take responsibility on my behalf?

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