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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

What I learned in Honolulu, HI, when it comes to healing and faith, was to always include God with prayers before taking on any foraging, therapies or ceremonies. Hawaiians traditionally do this with a kind of chant, besides properly aligning in humility, for example before dancing Hula. This way, one can be sure to not inflict any harm spiritually, at least not wanting so. There is however also a "death prayer", that is unlawful and the reason why most native healers don't at all, want to call themselves for Kahuna, ie a Shamanic priest and expert. Therefore, Hawaiian healers usually refer to themselves as Hawaiian practitioners, meaning practice of giving Lomilomi massages.

Whenever there are rituals and magic intended, it can be un-Christian, a dabble with dark forces and spirits that roam to influence us, wherefore I take a stand against these type of practices, including those in disguise of yoga. The difference between witches and shamans, lies in the enticing by women, and having God as one's highest authority, rather than a deity, or just the natural elements. Not taking from Mother Earth for greed or for granted. I believe that most of modern witches, really are just seeking God and faith. And one can of course be a good person without being Christian anyway, just as a Christian can do something bad. I refer myself as a Christian mystic.

Have faith!

Image borrowed from this site.

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