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Would you like to quit smoking?

If coaching is about you finding your own best answers, how can this then be exemplified so that you can, for example, quit smoking or reach any other reasonable goal or desired change? Here is an example of a dialogue with a scenario, how this understanding can be developed:

COACH: What is a desired change you'd like to make and why?

CLIENT: I'd like to quit smoking, so I can be more healthy and save money.

COACH: What is stopping you from quitting right now?

CLIENT: I don't know, habit I guess.

COACH: What is it that you get from smoking?

CLIENT: I get to take a break, catch up with my colleagues or just my phone, and feel cool somehow, like in High School.

COACH: Ok, so if your desire then is to be able to take a break regularly and feel cool, what are other ways you can do that?

CLIENT: I can take breaks anyhow. But, it's something about smoking that relaxes me and having something to hold in my hand, makes me feel less nervous.

COACH: So, what else can you hold in your hand?

CLIENT: I can hold a pen! And my phone of course.

COACH: What about the actual physical act - can you try to just inhale and exhale more consciously, while chewing a gum?


COACH: Until next time we talk, I'd like you to try this for a week; to hold a pen in your hand, chew gum, take breaks anyway and just focus on breathing. Then, share how that has been for you and why it worked or not. And ponder about what you would like to do with the money you're going to save. Ok?


The secret to successful coaching, lies in finding your own motivation within and then acting on it, with support. What can I help you achieve?

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