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Writing on my third book

So, I started writing on my third book with the titel The Call for Divine Harmony ~ polishing the pearls of wisdom and have so far gotten about 35 pages done. I'm writing directly into a template, to get the process done more quickly and for me to adjust and edit meanwhile. We'll see how it goes. So far, I write a couple of hours in flow every other day or so. The outline is done and have been for a while, but it's not until now, that I have the space to sit down with it.

When I first dreamt this into being, I had a plan of course, but life didn't happen the way I hoped, due to others again stopping me in Sweden from pursuing my dream. But, it also became a great reminder to seclude my inner core and abilities from the outer world's happenings, regardless of others, and focus solemnly on my own process to heal. The last five years or so, I've focused on healing my inner child and found ways to do this alone. After all, that is the only way. We can receive help by others, or become hindered, but at the end of the day, it's our own internal processes that creates a healing result, alongside an understanding of how this became, which will be exemplified by my years in Germany and Portugal. It's this understanding and my journey towards it, that I'd like to share, and also put it into perspective of the larger reality; our society.

I hope to have my first draft ready during fall!

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