• Hannah Telluselle

Planning and following up

If you know me personally, you probably can't miss how much I enjoy starting a new journal and keep a planner handy. My friend Malin J. at Malmö University and I used to share this simple pleasure of buying and beginning new planners. Perhaps it was the new millennium or simply our shared need for a clean slate.

In fact, I find great satisfaction when I get to do the things I plan without any hassle, even regardless of the result. It's a matter of feeling accomplished. I don't identify myself with what I do, but I think it is extremely important to feel free to try my best in moving forward towards my goals, in order to get my needs met, with true and accurate doing. Sometimes I don't though and it makes me feel frustrated and sometimes stuck in waiting for the clouds to clear, so to speak, not to mention the necessary re-routing that often is called for due to others' obstacles put in my way. Why is it that we don't do what we have set out to? Besides obvious things like sudden delays due to weather or health problems, lack of money or waiting for others to reply, it can be something in our own pattern of behavior or the conditions we are put under. This is necessary to discern, to see what we can improve ourselves and change.

Therefor beginning next year I am going to keep two journals. One planner to plan ahead in, especially for meetings, weekly practices and appointments and another where I keep account on what I have done and when. Then I can evaluate what I do regularly to ensure that I prioritize right for my wellbeing, health and happiness! And as always a pretty diary to list things I am grateful for, insights, wishes, ideas, quotes, goals, choreographies, and one to let go of negative feelings. Things to create and things to release. I have found that most things I write down becomes released to let go of.

It is by following up, we get things done. It is also at the heart of coaching.

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