• Hannah Telluselle

Speaking up

Updated: Jun 21

What makes a speech into a great one? Do we prepare it to the last syllable and rehearse it until we know it by heart or do we dare speak with our own conviction directly from our heart in the moment? If the purpose of our speech is to function as the voice of many, what can happen then?

I have also heard other speakers seemingly influenced by those before us in the way they choose wording and intonation, expressing their emotional charge and captivating an audience, such as President Trump in a video a couple of years ago by a known passed on Reverend, all coming into focus after my Hawaiian chanting in 2014 that I learned in an online class at Kamehameha schools in the Hawaiian language - E Ho Mai - became a more powerful prayer, than I ever could have imagined.

I believe that the Holy spirit can be the carrier of messages and sometimes it brings the inspiration from a past great spirit, who might want to assist you, warn you, or continue his or her mission through you. This also is referred to as Divine channeling. Some speak, some write, as if it simply flows with little thought on its own to forward an important message of peace, of the path thereto. Perhaps it is a momentous strengthening of your voice or something you feel within that beckons you to be expressed as an urge. When the speaker doesn't know consciously, his or her ego's defense doesn't become standing in the way and instead more universal peace can be created.

I later bought the little notebook I wanted, and feel inspired to hold my own speeches again.

What we say is an exhale. Let's make it something we want to breathe in and share! 

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