• Hannah Telluselle

Our souls talk

When we dance, we make room for our souls to rejoice and to be acknowledged by our hearts. Knowledge embedded, making its presence known through our intuition, instincts and connections. All emerging with joy, when healing takes place.

My soul becomes sad when I'm deprived of all that is needed to create joy. Has humanity improved its behavior since it crucified one of our own? Is it safe and loving to live here? Do we let it feel free? What is yours longing for?

Look at a baby when it's born, how it cries its way into a world of evil and uncertainty. Do you call it depressed and mentally ill? Is it crazy to say no to the depressing conformity of a culture shrinking, taking, denying and ignoring actual needs?

Only when you recognize the messenger, will you truly receive the message of how to love.


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