• Hannah Telluselle

Made complete

His presence completes me.

I thought that was just something someone wrote, made up for romantic novels. Now I'm feeling it, like I never have before. A joining in spirit, a presence through a distance. Returning what was lost.

I imagine how it would be like to have him sit next to me when I go on the train, or walk beside me, sometimes eating with me or at church services. He does, in a sense. Showing up as an invisible personal protection at its best, reconnected and fusioned since fall 2015, sabotaged by evil in Sweden.

My heart grows still, my grief lessens, fills with light, anger removed. Almost like having him inside of me. And then a little girl coming like an angel, but neither yours, nor mine. 

Family in spirit.

Secret marriage.


I don't need to search anymore. 


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