• Hannah Telluselle

Changing names

I changed my first name to Hannah in August 2015, to honor my step-grandmother, to make it first so it won't become any more administrative confusion when I travel or sign contracts and to make it easy to pronounce in most languages. It can also be used as a last name on my door, would I have to conceal my identity for security reasons, since I am being stalked. I intend to ensure that I keep my website open for any readers in the world that respect my boundaries and stop the others. Hannah is also found in the Bible and protected by its spelling.  

Telluselle is to be kept as personalised brand, with its own unique profile, as a stamp for selling what is within my level of quality and creativity, focusing on eco-living. Having it approved as my last name ensure its own protection since names goes before brand registrations in terms of intellectual property rights, which was approved at the Swedish Patent and Registry Bureau as of winter 2005.


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