• Hannah Telluselle

Choosing home design

Have you ever noticed that you tend to decorate your home similar to how you grew up? In the beginning, we might bring things with us from our original home, but which eventually leads to a whole different style and then again going back to look for our roots. It simply reflects our phases of life and personal taste. Another thing to recognize, just like with other crafts, is how we do it, regardless of where we live, as well as the culture. In Hawaii for example, avoiding plants indoors is a way to not compete with the beauty of nature to rather go outdoors. The colors and the furniture might be different, but being neat and tidy never runs out of style. 

I have always preferred simplicity and balance, a set harmony if you like. It was therefore extremely fun to enter this little Catholic church in Münich and directly feel like my grandparents Hanna and Åke must have been here at one of their trips. It even felt a little like they could have been inspired by it, such as the lamps, frames and dressers and how my grandmother always had thick curtains right inside of the front door. And the special treat of seeing only one aisle, centered!

When we put things in place, we always know where it's at. It becomes peaceful while still bringing in life through the people we invite in. 


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