• Hannah Telluselle

What is persecution?

It is when people of power play jeopardy with your life on purpose to incriminate, oppress and ignore you on purpose, based on your opinion rather than your actions. It is what I have had to endure for more than a decade in Sweden, starting before I ever went to Hawaii, but mostly around 2003 and onward. It is a constant silencing in the news media and avoiding by state authorities, often in combination with personal offenders who aren't stopped from doing harm.

To be considered persecuted, it would most often include being an actual professional writer, highly educated and perhaps someone who has undergone a significant change, such as by religious or political association. It is simply put when justice isn't served, but rather what constitutes the chasing of an individual seeking to create reasons to blame him or her or pretend that he or she is ill for critisizing others' decisions that has put lives in jeopardy.

Think about it, why would I have a problem with anything in my life (more than everyone else face temporarily)? Are you sure I have? Or are you creating problem on purpose? Is there something you can do, such as read through papers, correct mistakes, count and summarize, check with involved parties, call the media, answer questions, try cases, officiate restraining orders against those who stalk me, while letting me live in a normal apartment in Sweden, like I always normally do and have done without any problem, going to my regular job whether state or private, without any problem.

What could you win by taking up cases? Taxes, order, justice, respect, international acclaim? But you don't want any of it?

Es tut mir leid, Schweden. Sieg heil Sweden?

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