• Hannah Telluselle

Living as an adult

After learning how to embrace our own inner child and filling ourselves with self-compassion, it becomes both our opportunity and responsibility to apply our adult self to make decisions. And just like with any business or marketing strategy, we can apply a strategy to reach our own goals by thinking of the steps we can take and how these can be met and thereby used in favor of reaching our goal. 

One of the things that are taught by the Law of Attraction and Self-help movement is the ability to manifest and attract what we want through the level of energy we radiate. At first we may experience increased synchronicity with others who also are heading the same direction we are. Then while we gather our resources or plan, we see mirrors in others and our outward world, keeping us at the same level for us to learn the next level, which is, which energy produces what, ie how we think, feel and communicate and directly be able to change this to create positive synergy and forward motion.

Meanwhile, our own wishes might become granted but if they are too selfish, we might also have to face the attempts of destroying our achievements or hindering our progress since we then are moving out of the place where we either have put ourselves, or have been put by others - refusing us the personal success, health, progress and happiness we are entitled to - directly showing them how they themselves are put into the system working to uphold itself, triggering all to break free. The lesson then becomes to learn how to differentiate our own Ego's influence and when to break through resistance, fighting for what we want because it is our right. It is a process, often not visible to others who might even think of us as losers, but when we in fact have a strategy they themselves have fallen victim to. It is not a matter of who is winning or loosing, it is a matter of what we are gaining or loosing. 


Our hearts are the only thing we never can afford to loose.

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